Hello, I am Rashawna Fisher, and I am a  transformational Life Coach for women, This is my journey:

I got to a place that I needed to transition, change my mindset, and transform; I needed to become unstuck. I was living in fear of the unknown and not moving forward with my dreams. I had the desire to change but lacked the determination and the drive to move forward in my life because of my negative thinking, fear of judgment, and failure. I went on my own journey of healing and shadow work. I learned to love myself and to accept who I was and who I am now. 

I became a certified Life coach because while on my healing journey, I saw that telling my story and my truth was helping other women heal and grow. I noticed that many women needed support, accountability, and empowerment. As a transformational life coach, I will offer you all of that and show you how to take the wheel and be in charge of your transition and transformation. I will teach you to find:

your purpose,

go after what you want

to create balance in your life

to love yourself

to forgive

to stop negative thinking

This journey is yours, and each session will be tailored to your specific needs. Bring your goals and concerns to the table. I want to help you find purpose, peace, passion, and the strength to conquer the fear of transitioning. I am a RISING BUTTERFLY, and so are you!