Hello Beautiful Butterflies, my name is Rashawna. As a transformational life coach, I help intelligent and brilliant women spread their wings and move past self-doubt to become healed and confident bossed up butterflies; with healing and restoration, you clarify your path, align with your purpose and move past just wanting change; you create the life that you desire.
Butterflies symbolize a new chapter and new beginnings. As your life coach, I want to inspire you, motivate you, and coach you to confidence, while providing you a space where you are empowered to heal and grow.
Let’s Begin?
You can schedule a complimentary introduction session with me and start your journey to Peace, Passion, Purpose, & Possibilities. 
Rising Butterflies philosophy: You can create the life you desire when you connect your mind, heart, and gut while aligning your energy with your life’s purpose.


"in order to grow and transform into that beautiful butterfly, you must acknowledge, accept, and honor, who you were, who you are, and who you want to be, and then take action".

~Rashawna Fisher~

Rashawna Fisher



​ Hello, Rising Butterflies, Rashawna is a Certified Life Coach. Her heart-centered and holistic approach helps women gain clarity, confidence, and internal alignment. Rashawna’s purpose is to facilitate and support your growth at every step. She has worked in the mental health field for many years and her passion has always been to teach people that shifting their mindset is key to freedom and healing. Her goal is for every client to spread their wings and become a Bossed-up Butterfly. Rashawna believes the first steps are

  • setting your intentions

  • identifying your challenges

  • setting goals

  • taking actionable steps.

Are you in need of a personal life change and need guidance?

Is fear holding you back from success and happiness?

Are your relationships challenging?

Are you lacking motivation and looking for your purpose?

Do you have self-destructive habits and are ready for a change?

Do you think you are not enough, and your limiting beliefs are holding you back?

If you answered YES to any of these allow Rashawna to help you gain clarity, process your challenges, and take action, while supporting you through your new chapter.



Rashawna Fisher is a certified life coach, that specializes in energy healing, self-love, and transformational mindset coaching. She is passionate about helping women find freedom in their mindset, teaching them the importance of loving themselves, as well as embracing their spirituality. She is also a life coach for the company, A Guide for Your 20's. A company that helps Millenials with self-improvement.  
Rashanwa has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's in Addiction Counseling. She has attended continued training in relation to spiritual growth, mental health, and addiction services, she is confident her skill set will help in your transformation journey. Rashawna has received recognition for her devotion and passion for helping others.



Rashawna helped me so much, I went into life-coaching leery of the process but she taught me how to look at life through a different lens, it is a process but I can say life is more peaceful with the skills she taught me.

Kimberly J.

Rashawna helped me live a more authentic life. I went to places in my life that I had been avoiding. After addressing those issues I was able to make goals and I have become more successful.

Imonee W. 

Coach Fisher helped me to think outside of the box when I lost my job and it made me recreate myself. I had never thought about opening a business but now it is a real possibility.

Monajah P.



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